Der Greis updates:

New fan page for Der Greis! Based on music by Franz Joseph Haydn, Der Greis (The Old Man) portrays the last moments of life by a wanderer.

It has recently been accepted into the Rome International film festival and its screening will be  7 p.m., September 9 at The Desoto Theatre – come out and support Georgia Independent Film!

Also, please “like” our fan page!

Fan Page below!!/pages/Der-Greis-The-Old-Man/282578618423176

~Song of the Day~

The Turkey’s in Life

I’m sure many of you have run into the people that are just overall emotionally manipulative. They try harder than anyone to make you feel that if they are NOT happy then you certainly won’t be. I’ve been around a few of those types here recently, and it was really beginning to drive me into a corner.

Thankfully, (as what usually happens), I talked to a mentor of mine whom I really respect.  He offered me a great piece of advice.  He reminded me that emotional manipulators only have control over you if you allow them to have it.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Thank you Eleanor Roosevelt!)

So to those of you who may be feeling a bit out of sorts or overburdened by the expectations of others, I will now share a phrase with you that my mentor shared with me in closing:

“How can you soar with the eagles if you let the turkeys get you down?”

So don’t let the turkeys get you down- unless, of course, it’s Thanksgiving and nap time! 😉 Love to all of my eagles out there!

Soar on!

~Song of the day~

Sweeney Todd!

Exciting news!

I have officially booked the role of “Johanna” for Fabrefaction’s production of Sweeney Todd!

October 25 – November 13. Just in time for Halloween, Director Alex Greenfield brings Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s chilling, suspenseful, heart-pounding masterpiece of murderous barber-ism and culinary crime to the stage: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Presented as an intimate and highly theatrical ghost story, Sweeney Todd is sure to entertain die-hard fans and newcomers alike with its visceral, intense drama and uncompromisingly dark humor.

I got to pick up my libretto from the theatre yesterday as well as drop off my contract! (How stinkin’ cool is that!?) One of my old Berry College classmates currently works at Fabrefaction in the costume shop so we had the chance to do a little bit of catching up- which was wonderful!

I’ll begin rehearsals for Sweeney on September 11 and hope to see many of your wonderful faces when the show opens! I’ll be sending out ticket information as soon as I have it!


New Single on Website!

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but it’s because I’ve been working on my new single, “Renegade.”  It is now posted on my website:

or check it out below!


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