Suspension of Disbelief

As actors, shouldn’t we be the best at this? And yet, many times I find myself after a show overhearing an actor/patron who has nothing but critiques to give.  I ask myself, “What was your point in coming?”  And I ask all of you? Why go to the theatre? When we go to a movie, we have no problem (for the most part) fully engaging in the world of the movie, and taking the journey along with the characters, and yet when those actors are right in front of us we begin to poke and tear apart the smallest of things.

I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon this past weekend because I had the extreme privilege of attending The Renaissance Project’s show: The Boys Next Door.  Two actor’s, whom I very much look up to (one of them my coach), were performers in this show, and I sat in my seat for the respective two hours completely absorbed and engaged.  My theatre professor at Berry used to talk about the theatre as a cathartic experience, for actors and audience alike.  Well, let me tell you…I had a cathartic experience that night. I laughed and I cried as the actors held their hearts out for the audience to do with as they pleased.  It was riveting, but then you meet fellow actors after the show giving you their personal interpretations and opinions.  I can understand critiquing to an extent, but do we not go to the theatre to learn and experience?  I am not trying to say that feedback is in any way wrong, but did you not FEEL?

So my challenge to you all is this: FEEL! Take in! Experience! Learn! As actors and as human beings we should be seeking to learn for ourselves, not always trying to teach and correct others (though I myself always appreciate constructive feedback).  I just don’t want us to lose the magic that can only be found in the theatre.  There is no other medium like it.  If we are caught up in the logistics of it, I feel we are short changing ourselves.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In other news…

My amazing wonderful artist and I have finally given Re:Medy it’s new home, RemedyComic! You’re definitely not going to want to miss all the fun an exciting things we will have posting these coming week, so please be dears and subscribe!  If you’re going to be at AWA this weekend, Amanda will be there at a table with some Re:Medy goodies! That’s right…goodies!

As a final note in tribute to the amazing weekend I’ve had, my parents informed me today that they will now be back from Switzerland (yes they’re going without me!) in time for my OPENING NIGHT of Sweeney Todd! Don’t have your ticket yet? Solution.

Much love ~Lyndsay

~Song of the Day~

(I had to…the beat really just spoke to me)


Many of you have asked for the info and now here it is- coming straight to you from my grandparent’s couch!

The Cast:

Clint Thornton—-Sweeney Todd
Diane R. Mitchell—-Mrs. Lovett
Bryan Mercer—-Judge Turpin
Daniel Burns—-Beadle
Lyndsay Ricketson—-Johanna
Trey Getz——Anthony
Laura Hettinger—-Beggar Woman/Lucy
John Stanier—-Fog/Pirelli
Daniel Collier—-Toby

The Story:

Just in time for Halloween, Director Alexander Greenfield and Fabrefaction Theatre Company bring Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s chilling, suspenseful, heart-pounding masterpiece of murderous barber-ism and culinary crime to the stage. “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” recounts the infamous tale of an unjustly exiled barber who returns to 19th century London to seek revenge against the society that wronged him. Originally focusing his malevolence on the lecherous judge who framed him and ravaged his young wife, his thirst for blood soon expands to include his unfortunate customers. A tale of retribution and in essence, obsession, Sweeney Todd serves up a delicious portion of gruesome humor, sinister spite, and suspicious meat pies. Presented as an intimate and highly theatrical ghost story, Sweeney Todd is sure to entertain die-hard fans and newcomers alike with its visceral, intense drama and uncompromisingly dark humor.

Buy your tickets HERE!

I’ve taken the liberty of attaching the performance dates as well for you to peruse at your leisure.  When you have selected your desired date, be sure to shoot me an email/ fb message/ text, or communicative device of your choosing, so that I can be sure to find you after the show!

The Dates:

Much Love ~Lyndsay

~Song of the Day~

New Songie!

I apologize for the delay… (Sweeney Todd rehearsals have been late! 😉 )As promised, I have uploaded one of my latest songs.  This one is a ballad, and a complete contrast to “Renegade.” I hope that you take the time to listen and enjoy.

“Forever” – written by Dr. Lance Barry and Lyndsay Ricketson

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I love you all ~Lyndsay~

~Song of the Day~

Spoiled Hotdog…


This refers to the overall status of what I used to consider my dog. She could now be more considered a “creature” with her interesting new behavioral patterns.  Some of you were aware that she was on death’s door only a few weeks ago, so I’m glad to officially announce she is completely recovered…albeit worthless.  She now demands to be carried everywhere, and to be given a bite of anything you might be eating.  At night, I am to let her lay in her chair for a couple of hours before gently tucking her into bed…like I said worthless.  Don’t even get me started about the repercussions should I not adhere to her commands.

At the end of the day however, I would much rather her be back to her annoying self, though ten times more needy. (I doubt any of your pets are as spoiled/ ruined as mine now….)  Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and encouragement!


  • RIFF (Rome International Film Festival) Went smashingly. I was able to meet many producers, directors, AD’s, and more at this past weekend’s event.  There really are some great films being made here in Georgia, and if you haven’t seen any let me know and I’ll make sure that you do! Der Greis had a great turn out of familiar faces and I’m grateful to every one of you that showed up!
  • Got my two new songs back from the studio and hope to have one of them up on Tuesday so stay tuned!
  • Sweeney Todd rehearsals start TONIGHT! Many of you have been asking about ticket info etc. I hope to have all of that information explained to me tonight. As always, thank you all for your love and support. I couldn’t do what I’m doing without each of you.

If you’ve seen any cool new indie films out there send them my way! Let’s keep Georgia’s film industry on the rise!


~Song of the Day~

Trailer out…

Hello all!

As some of you may know I had the opportunity to play a supporting role on the production Sunday Morning Rapture this past June. Well, the trailer is OUT and you can check it out below!

For more information about End Touch Movies visit:


~Song of the Day~

(Dedicated to my artist 😉 )

An Hour and a Half on Forever…

The above phrase is actually a description of my afternoon this past Saturday.  I went into the studio around noon and did not emerge until 4:30.  For those of you who don’t like to do math that’s four 1/2 hours of singing, listening, and re-singing again. (I was allowed the occasional water break, of course.)  One of the most intense, taxing, and yet rewarding afternoons in September thus far!

It was amazing to work alongside my engineer, Harry O’Brien, and composer/writer, Dr. Lance Barry.  Both of them were not only tirelessly critical (constructive of course), but endlessly encouraging.  We began with the song, “Forever,” and brought the recording of that one to a close roughly around 1:30.  Then my “challenge” of the afternoon began… “More than a Dollar $.”

I’m still not quite sure why this song was so difficult to bring to completion, but I spent nearly thirty minutes on one section trying to get the timing “just right.”  As Dr. Barry referred to it later, it was my “#1 major conquest of the day!”  It was quickly followed by “conquest #2.” Chalk those two up to irritating song rhythms that nearly had me sitting in the middle of the recording room pouting.  The good news is that once that particular section was behind me, the rest of the recording was a breeze.

3:00PM came, and I sat down on the couch fully prepared to gather my things and depart, when behold, Dr. Barry whips out page of lyrics and grins mischievously.

“Surprise!”- Dr. Barry

Oh yes, that’s right. He and Harry had prepared a third song for me to face off with and subsequently defeat.  (Which I am pleased to say, I did.) Thus an enjoyable afternoon came to a close, and I was released to do what every good Georgia Peach should do on a Labor Day Weekend…go to a UGA game.

Once again, I thank Dr. Barry and Harry for their unceasing support on Saturday. They truly energized me when I had nearly nothing left.  -Well the banana helped too… 😉 I hope to have some audio for everyone soon, but until then I hope you enjoy the pics I’ve uploaded! (Though blurry.)  Much love to you all.


~Song of the Day[~

Studio Time and Sweeney!

Happy September everyone!

This Saturday I’m going to be going into the recording studio again to work on two new songs! This was a phenomenal opportunity and collaboration with Dr. Lance Barry, whom I had  recently worked with on the song “Renegade.”

<If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen below!>

I once again look forward to the process, which never ceases to surprise me.  So far every time I’ve gone into the studio it has been like a completely different experience. (None any less adventurous than the previous.) I’m sure this time will not be a disappointment.  My plan is to capture some “moments” throughout the day to share with you later next week, so stay tuned!

In other news, for those of you who didn’t know, I have been working on a graphic novel over the past year and I am pleased to say we draw ever closer to its publication.  My artist and I have been working diligently on editing dialogue and tweaking the frames (well, she’s been tweaking…and I’ve been clapping my hands joyfully at her phenomenal talent.)  We’re hoping to soon be able to give everyone a brief glance into the world of RE:medy!

For my own personal book project: Everdavia, I promise I am working on it, but after being critiqued (by several trusted sources) there are some major areas which need to be addressed and refurbished before going to the printers. Nevertheless, I persevere on!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Tickets for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Fabrefaction went on sale TODAY! So go ahead and pre-purchase or contact me with how many you would like to order. Hope to see all of you there!


~Song of the Day~