An Hour and a Half on Forever…

The above phrase is actually a description of my afternoon this past Saturday.  I went into the studio around noon and did not emerge until 4:30.  For those of you who don’t like to do math that’s four 1/2 hours of singing, listening, and re-singing again. (I was allowed the occasional water break, of course.)  One of the most intense, taxing, and yet rewarding afternoons in September thus far!

It was amazing to work alongside my engineer, Harry O’Brien, and composer/writer, Dr. Lance Barry.  Both of them were not only tirelessly critical (constructive of course), but endlessly encouraging.  We began with the song, “Forever,” and brought the recording of that one to a close roughly around 1:30.  Then my “challenge” of the afternoon began… “More than a Dollar $.”

I’m still not quite sure why this song was so difficult to bring to completion, but I spent nearly thirty minutes on one section trying to get the timing “just right.”  As Dr. Barry referred to it later, it was my “#1 major conquest of the day!”  It was quickly followed by “conquest #2.” Chalk those two up to irritating song rhythms that nearly had me sitting in the middle of the recording room pouting.  The good news is that once that particular section was behind me, the rest of the recording was a breeze.

3:00PM came, and I sat down on the couch fully prepared to gather my things and depart, when behold, Dr. Barry whips out page of lyrics and grins mischievously.

“Surprise!”- Dr. Barry

Oh yes, that’s right. He and Harry had prepared a third song for me to face off with and subsequently defeat.  (Which I am pleased to say, I did.) Thus an enjoyable afternoon came to a close, and I was released to do what every good Georgia Peach should do on a Labor Day Weekend…go to a UGA game.

Once again, I thank Dr. Barry and Harry for their unceasing support on Saturday. They truly energized me when I had nearly nothing left.  -Well the banana helped too… 😉 I hope to have some audio for everyone soon, but until then I hope you enjoy the pics I’ve uploaded! (Though blurry.)  Much love to you all.


~Song of the Day[~


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