Many of you have asked for the info and now here it is- coming straight to you from my grandparent’s couch!

The Cast:

Clint Thornton—-Sweeney Todd
Diane R. Mitchell—-Mrs. Lovett
Bryan Mercer—-Judge Turpin
Daniel Burns—-Beadle
Lyndsay Ricketson—-Johanna
Trey Getz——Anthony
Laura Hettinger—-Beggar Woman/Lucy
John Stanier—-Fog/Pirelli
Daniel Collier—-Toby

The Story:

Just in time for Halloween, Director Alexander Greenfield and Fabrefaction Theatre Company bring Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s chilling, suspenseful, heart-pounding masterpiece of murderous barber-ism and culinary crime to the stage. “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” recounts the infamous tale of an unjustly exiled barber who returns to 19th century London to seek revenge against the society that wronged him. Originally focusing his malevolence on the lecherous judge who framed him and ravaged his young wife, his thirst for blood soon expands to include his unfortunate customers. A tale of retribution and in essence, obsession, Sweeney Todd serves up a delicious portion of gruesome humor, sinister spite, and suspicious meat pies. Presented as an intimate and highly theatrical ghost story, Sweeney Todd is sure to entertain die-hard fans and newcomers alike with its visceral, intense drama and uncompromisingly dark humor.

Buy your tickets HERE!

I’ve taken the liberty of attaching the performance dates as well for you to peruse at your leisure.  When you have selected your desired date, be sure to shoot me an email/ fb message/ text, or communicative device of your choosing, so that I can be sure to find you after the show!

The Dates:

Much Love ~Lyndsay

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