Opening Night! “Sneak Peek”

As many of you know I have been in rehearsals for Sweeney Todd for the past weeks, and it has been both a joy and growing experience!  I am so excited to finally have reached the “starting line” as it were.  Opening night is TONIGHT at Fabrefaction in Atlanta!  I sincerely hope to see many of your faces there.  I am delighted that many of you have informed me you’ve already bought your tickets and are ready to go!

Be sure to visit my fan page for a sneak peek video of what the show is going to bring to the table! I look forward to seeing many of your faces out on Fleet Street! Do be sure to stick around after the show in the lobby to greet the cast!


Don’t know where to get your tickets? I can help with that!




Thank you again to ALL of you for your encouragement and support! I couldn’t do what I’m doing without each and every one of you! Love you all!


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How I broke my toe…


I’ve been a bit crazy lately, and rarely in front of my computer so I know updates have been a bit lax, however, I wanted to take the time this afternoon to briefly update everyone.  I did in fact break my toe, I think.  It wasn’t anything particularly stupendous. I decided after years of living in a dust-infested room – I mean, I dusted around things but never really underneath them- that it was time to do a huge clean.  During my ventures with the vacuum cleaner, the little detachable hose popped off and landed right on the joint of my second toe.  I did not say any dirty words- for those of you who are curious it HURT to much to say much of anything.  I hopped around on one foot for a bit repeating, “Ow, ow, ow, that really REALLY hurt.”  Then my toe began to change colors…it went from kind of blueish purple to brownish purple (today).

I did think about uploading a picture, but I can’t imagine that anyone would really want to see it, so I refrained.  That said, I can still bend it and it doesn’t really hurt anymore, although it does if you squeeze it…so I don’t.

All that said, for those of you who want more information about what I’ve been up to at Fabrefaction check out this article on “Atlanta Theatre Fans.”

“Attend the Tale” of Sweeney Todd – The Musical Thriller Takes on a Fresh Look at Fabrefaction Theatre Company


Some of you have jumped on board, but some of you are missing out on these awesome image releases weekly for Re:Medy. If you missed last weeks, you can catch it HERE. Also be sure to “like” our facebook page or follow our blog to stay up to date!


I will be trying to upload another one of my original songs/ collaborations  (with Dr. Lance Barry) later this weekend. *Crosses fingers* So be on the lookout for it.

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(Took me forever to settle on just one)

Preview Images: Sweeney Todd

I have to remark again what a joy and an honor it has been collaborating with such talented people in Sweeney Todd.

Opening Night: October 27th!

Opening Night: October 27th!

Last Friday we stayed late to take some preview images for you all to gander at and enjoy!  Be sure to check out Fabrefaction’s Facebook Page to stay up to date with events and opportunities.  There is a special performance and event planned for October 31st: “Paint the Town Red.” I’ll have more details coming for you all as we get closer…for now have a looksee at what I’ve been up to for the past month!

Lyndsay Ricketson as "Johanna"

Lyndsay Ricketson as "Johanna"

Diane Mitchell as "Mrs. Lovett"

Diane Mitchell as "Mrs. Lovett"

Clint Thortonton as "Sweeney Todd"

Clint Thortonton as "Sweeney Todd"

Click HERE for tickets!  Can’t wait to see you all on Fleet Street!


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Death of a Camera…

This week has been especially grand! (Excpet for forgetting one of my dearest friends birthdays and my camera dying.)

For those of you who are not familiar with Berry College, there is a strange occurrance during the fall of every year. It is called Mountain Day.  A time when alumni, faculty, staff, and students alike journey back to the hills of Rome, GA for a weekend of festivities.  (Kind of a like a great migration really.)

This year I was unable to attend the majority of the weekend- as Sweeney rehearsals are in full swing- but I did make it up to hang with some of my best buds (Long live Troop 108!) on Saturday night for Marthapalooza. Don’t ask.

It was also my Daddy Sweeney’s birthday on Saturday.  So we had mini party to celebrate. (Granted it was over cake and not pie…but what can you do?) Remember to get your tickets!

Finally, after a weekend of rehearsal, fun, and activity my camera gave up the ghost.  I tried to revive it for several days, but to no avail. Farewell good friend, we’ve captured some good memories together!

Tomorrow Re:Medy will be releasing it’s first image to the public! Be sure to check out our blog: as well as our new Facebook Fan Page!

I also adopted a new little friend over the weekend…Felix GreenFinch. Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😛


~ Lyndsay ~

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(Just made sense…thanks Greg)