Preview Images: Sweeney Todd

I have to remark again what a joy and an honor it has been collaborating with such talented people in Sweeney Todd.

Opening Night: October 27th!

Opening Night: October 27th!

Last Friday we stayed late to take some preview images for you all to gander at and enjoy!  Be sure to check out Fabrefaction’s Facebook Page to stay up to date with events and opportunities.  There is a special performance and event planned for October 31st: “Paint the Town Red.” I’ll have more details coming for you all as we get closer…for now have a looksee at what I’ve been up to for the past month!

Lyndsay Ricketson as "Johanna"

Lyndsay Ricketson as "Johanna"

Diane Mitchell as "Mrs. Lovett"

Diane Mitchell as "Mrs. Lovett"

Clint Thortonton as "Sweeney Todd"

Clint Thortonton as "Sweeney Todd"

Click HERE for tickets!  Can’t wait to see you all on Fleet Street!


~Song of the Day~

(because this cracked me up)


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