I’m going to be on the radio!?!?

Be jealous!

So Thanksgiving is what I would consider a very BUSTLING time of the year.  I tend to get overwhelmed by the crowds and sheer amount of activity (and that’s saying a lot for me.)  At the same time however, it really is what I would consider a “warm” time of the year for my family.  I love getting to see and spend time with everyone.

There’s nothing more I’ve loved over the years than to be crowded around the fire with my whole family and just talk late into the evening.

This year, I have TONS to be thankful for, but most recently: MY SONG IS GOING TO BE ON THE RADIO!?! Seriously, I am just overwhelmingly blessed sometimes. I got the email just yesterday morning, and my name went up on the website today. 94.9 The Bull has a program called “Backyard Country” that local musicians can submit to have their songs played on the radio.  Well, I’m going to be on the radio this Saturday November 26, 2011 around 9PM!

As part of the program, there is a voting poll for listeners, friends, and fans to vote for their favorite artist. The top 4-5 artists get to come back weekly! The link is: http://www.949thebull.com/pages/backyard_country.html Please log on to the website and vote for me and my song!

Composed and written by: Lance Barry
Co-written by: Lyndsay Ricketson
Produced by: Lance Barry and Bret Short
Guitar: Nathan Wright
Lead guitar: Bret Short
Bass: Brian Schultz
Drums: Kyle Troop
Studio: Atlanta Recording Studio
Engineer: Harry O’Brien

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I will see you all on the other side! (although I might be a bit thicker 😉 )


~Song of the Day~


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