Let it Begin…!

So there’s nothing like a new year, and let me begin by saying 2012 is going to be amazing!

When last we saw Lyndsay she was headed into Christmas with a new song recorded (“Spared the Pain”) and “Renegade” airing on 94.9 The Bull. Well, I am happy to say that I am STILL on the Bull and will be airing again tonight for my 9th time! Check it out at 9PM on 94.9 The Bull.

During the past month my best friend Jenevieve graduated from Berry College,

And my friends from Berry had a new years movie premiere of our “Lord of the Rings: A Tale of Two Campuses” (This was a movie project we did at Berry with a group of us and a camera. Thanks to Mike Solomon, we got the footage pieced together and edited masterfully!)

At the start of the year, I began taking dance classes 8-10x a week.  It’s no cake-walk, but gotta be prepared every chance you get!

Starting next Tuesday I will be in rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta! Wooo! 🙂 I will be understudying all the female roles (i.e. Dorothy, Glinda, the Witch, etc.) I’m really looking forward to finally working with them and jumping into the fray!

Another exciting tidbit, I recorded a musical song with Bryan Mercer back in November, and it is now live on their site! The musical project is called:        What’s Eating Katie: The Musical Check out all the cool stuff about this project on their website HERE! We will be recording some more songs the very end of this month so stay tuned!

That about catches you up on the new year, I will have more exciting news to post in the next week! Don’t forget to tune in tonight on 94.9! Much love to you all this new year! Going to be a great journey!


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