Next to Newness

Next to Normal rehearsals began this past Tuesday. This show is going to be awesome! We have managed to stage through the first three huge musical numbers and it has been such a learning experience already.  Earlier last week we were able to meet with not only a family psychologist but a pediatrician to discuss some of the medical and emotional complications of the show. It was a very eye-opening  experience to say the least.

The show deals with so many questions about “normalcy” and how that applies to illness and grief, that it makes you take a hard look at your own life and analyze how you’re personally dealing with the “hard stuff.” Is it being dealt with healthily? Are you ignoring it?  Are you just fighting for “normal?”
I think a good show quote for the week is:

“The price of love is loss, but still we pay.”- Dr. Madden, Next to Normal

Check out the pics from rehearsal day #1!

Our fearless leader- Scott Schwartz

Myself and Bob Gaynor (My “dad”-Dan) Love him! He is fabulous!

Left- Caroline Freedlund (my AMAZING understudy) and Right- Jordan Craig (Henry- my “boyfriend”)

My buddy, Googie- playing Dr. Fine/ Dr, Madden

Catherin Porter- Diana (my “mother”) This lady is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! Wait till you see her- your minds will be blown

Cary Tedder- Gabe (my “brother) This guy is so funny and talented

Chris Lewis- Gabe/Henry Understudy

Dustin Lewis- Dr’s Understudy – Love being around him again! You should check him out in “Anything Goes” at the Lyric

Mary Nye Bennett- Diana’s Understudy- this sassy lady is so FUN!

Bob Gaynor (left) and Boko Suzuki- our UNBELIEVABLE music director I LOVE HIM!

So there’s a fun little glimpse into the cast of Next to Normal! It’s going to be a whirlwind of a ride!
Stay tuned for more info!!!

The picture above is of me in Natalie’s mock bedroom in the opening number- “Just Another Day”

(I don’t actually lay around all during rehearsal, but Scott was working with Diana and Gabe at the moment)

Stay tuned for more pics and fun stories to come…!
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~Song of the Day~

At a Glance

More than half the year is gone since my last post (my apologies) and though busyness is no excuse, it is the primary reason for the time lapse.  However, all that to say, here is my life at a glance over the past months:


I had the wonderful opportunity to understudy three actor’s in the Alliance’s Wizard of Oz.  It was such a wonderful learning experience (and challenging.) Since I had never understudied before, I had the opportunity to learn a whole new process of “acting” and “rehearsal” to say the least.  Understudying is FAR different than actually playing the part- but if you ask my opinion, (and even if you don’t I’m going to tell you anyway) I feel like learning to understudy is something every actor should at least experience once in their lives. It will change the way you appreciate acting in general (and also allows you to watch other actors over, and over, and over, and over again- all the while learning from their process.)

That’s right- I had my own pre-labeled MUG!

My headshot in the front of the lobby

I also had the great honor of being asked to perform at my Alma Mater, Berry College, for Scholarship Night.  I can’t begin to express how much this opportunity to give back to my school meant to me.  It was actually a dream of mine to be asked to come back and perform.  CHECK that off the bucket list!

My place setting and nametag 🙂 #fancypants


These months followed the journey of Titanic: the Musical at Fabrefaction Theatre.  I played the role of Kate Murphey (an Irish emigrant) and was overjoyed to work under the direction of Jeff McKerley.  It was memorable to be portraying the tragic sinking of that great ship on its 100 year anniversary.

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In May I was asked to sing at the Alliance’s “Taste of the Season”- WOW! So much fun, and such an incredible chance to be around some of Atlanta’s amazing talent!

I sang: “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” from Next to Normal


I taught Musical Theatre and Voice at Georgia Ensemble Theatre’s camps!  I had taught students on a smaller scale before, but working at GET this summer really put into perspective all of the HARD WORK and DILIGENCE teachers have to teach school day in and day out during the school year. What an amazing calling they have on their lives- I applaud you ALL!


These months contained a LOT of auditions, working at the tux shop (yay job!), dance class, and performing with Voices of Atlanta (VOA). VOA performed at the Georgia World Congress Center for Microsoft Global Exchange. This event was a lot of fun, and I also had the chance to audition for and sing a small solo! Woot!

This was also when I started going back to dance class to up my “game” – and while it was a challenge to make myself go to 4-6 classes/week, I’m glad I did!

Toward the end of August I was invited to sing at Serenbe Playhouse’s Cabaret as a special guest.  It was night full of fun musical theatre songs- and talent! (Not to mention I got to spend the evening with some dear friends of mine- even if it did include rescuing a friend from a car wreck and cramming my little Scion full to make the trek 😉 )

FINALLY, on August 28th the Alliance announced its cast for Next to Normal -which I am PROUD to be a part of! To say that I am beyond excited does not even come close. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to begin. This of course brings us to the present- as N2N begins rehearsals this Tuesday!

So wow, what a year so far, and more to come! 3 days and counting…

~Song of the Day~

This is because I feel like everyone should at least see this video!