Next to Newness

Next to Normal rehearsals began this past Tuesday. This show is going to be awesome! We have managed to stage through the first three huge musical numbers and it has been such a learning experience already.  Earlier last week we were able to meet with not only a family psychologist but a pediatrician to discuss some of the medical and emotional complications of the show. It was a very eye-opening  experience to say the least.

The show deals with so many questions about “normalcy” and how that applies to illness and grief, that it makes you take a hard look at your own life and analyze how you’re personally dealing with the “hard stuff.” Is it being dealt with healthily? Are you ignoring it?  Are you just fighting for “normal?”
I think a good show quote for the week is:

“The price of love is loss, but still we pay.”- Dr. Madden, Next to Normal

Check out the pics from rehearsal day #1!

Our fearless leader- Scott Schwartz

Myself and Bob Gaynor (My “dad”-Dan) Love him! He is fabulous!

Left- Caroline Freedlund (my AMAZING understudy) and Right- Jordan Craig (Henry- my “boyfriend”)

My buddy, Googie- playing Dr. Fine/ Dr, Madden

Catherin Porter- Diana (my “mother”) This lady is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! Wait till you see her- your minds will be blown

Cary Tedder- Gabe (my “brother) This guy is so funny and talented

Chris Lewis- Gabe/Henry Understudy

Dustin Lewis- Dr’s Understudy – Love being around him again! You should check him out in “Anything Goes” at the Lyric

Mary Nye Bennett- Diana’s Understudy- this sassy lady is so FUN!

Bob Gaynor (left) and Boko Suzuki- our UNBELIEVABLE music director I LOVE HIM!

So there’s a fun little glimpse into the cast of Next to Normal! It’s going to be a whirlwind of a ride!
Stay tuned for more info!!!

The picture above is of me in Natalie’s mock bedroom in the opening number- “Just Another Day”

(I don’t actually lay around all during rehearsal, but Scott was working with Diana and Gabe at the moment)

Stay tuned for more pics and fun stories to come…!
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~Song of the Day~


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