“It’s gonna be good”

Sometimes I am left speechless by the people I have in my life.  This past week of Next to Normal previews has left me so completely overwhelmed with love and support that I hardly know where to begin. There is no way for me to begin to express my gratitude to the people who have already come to the show and the ones that are coming. You all fill my life with light!

Group of students from Oglethorpe University!

Really quickly (since I skipped a week) – tech week was long but well worth all the hours put into it.  The technical team at the Alliance are at the top of their game and have worked their butts off for this show. I am still floored by all the team has accomplished.

Preview week was a very new experience for me because not only did we still have rehearsal during the day, but then we performed a show at night! Talk about running a marathon.  However, my cast mates are amazing!!!  Probably some of the most important things that kept me going were the love, trust, and support of the people with which I share the stage.  I am thrilled to be moving toward opening this Wednesday when we can celebrate all of our hard work!

On a side note: I did want to post pics of all my friends that showed up for the first week of previews. (Unfortunately some of them I didn’t get pics with *tears* and that is because I am scatter brained. :/ )

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People who should be included in pics above but were not: Lauren, Alisha, Alana, Ray (and his lovely wife), Joel, Laura Lee, Chris, Andy (and his wife!), Davin, Jeffrey, Drew, Daniel, and Angela. I love you all and am so blessed to have you in my life!

Finally, one of the most unique experiences so far was the chance to chat (along with fellow cast mate Googie Uterhardt) with a group of students from Oglethorpe University after the Sunday night preview.  Those guys were awesome!

Looking forward to an amazing week. Hope to see many of you more there! Much love.


~Song of the Day~

Next to Nom noms…

The breath before the dive.  This Monday is the calm before the storm (figuratively of course.) Next to Normal had our first full run-through of the show on Friday, and then another one on Saturday.  I have to say both runs were very informative. The first one helped just to know what in the WORLD we were doing, following our blocking tracks, changing shoes, mania…. However, the run-through on Saturday for me was such a learning experience.  For the first time I was able to trust my blocking and immerse myself in the world.  I think everyone in the cast made huge discoveries that day and found so much color and depth within each of our scenes.  It was truly an encouraging experience before we jump into tech this week.

AHHH Tech! I personally LOVE tech rehearsals. I know they’re long. I know you stand around a lot. I know it’s hurry up and wait.  But man, if I don’t just love the opportunity to get to sit and marinate on a scene for a little while as people work so hard around me to make it look awesome.  I have a real respect and admiration for the people in theatre that are responsible for the technical aspects because they make my job a WHOLE lot easier! So while tech weekend does seem a bit daunting, I think it’s going to be an incredible experience.

The BIG excitement of the week though is the sitzprobe on Thursday. “Sitzprobe (German) is a term used in opera and musical theatre to describe a seated rehearsal – which is the literal translation of Sitzprobe – where the singers sing with the orchestra, focusing attention on integrating the two groups. It is often the first rehearsal where the orchestra and singers rehearse together. The equivalent Italian term is prova all’italiana.” (Thank you Wikipedia 😉 )  When working in musical theatre, you are not always guaranteed a sitzprobe, so it’s going to be an incredible opportunity!

Some other shows that I’d like to make shout outs about are:

The Devil Tree (The Collective Project)

Apples and Oranges (Alliance- Hertz Stage)

Robin Hood (Aurora)

There are more I’m sure, and if I’ve missed yours LET ME KNOW. I’m trying to make all of them that I can juggle between my own rehearsal schedule. Woot!  Speaking of shows…you should come see me in Next to Normal! And if you’re making plans to come, let me know so I can hug you after the show (or just wave at you- for my friends that don’t like hugs 😛 )

Below is a pic from the N2N potluck this past Saturday.  Our cast can cook- I’m just sayin…

Until the other side of tech weekend…

~Song of the Day~
(Been listening to the Piano Guys a lot recently- highly recommend them!)

Next to Neat!

Is it October??? When did this month get here? The past week of N2N rehearsal began to blur about 4:00 pm yesterday as we fought through fatigue to finish blocking “Song of Forgetting.” (Hah, how ironic.) I am pleased to say that we successfully blocked the scene by sheer force of will, and we are now continuing to move right along in act 2!

We had our first “work through” of Act 1 on Saturday- and what everyone had anticipated as a stumble through became a straight run-through of the act.  (What a testament to the talented people that I have the honor of working alongside!)

As a special aside, I must also mention that our Stage Manager (Julie), Asst. Stage Manager (Liz), and Stage Mgmt Appr. (Jayson) are TOP NOTCH.  Liz and Jayson move our scenic pieces like magical phantoms of “theatre automation,” and the whole production crew just makes our jobs as actors so easy!

Caroline and Chris rehearsing “Superboy” with pianist Andrew 🙂

Awesome Understudies: For those of you who didn’t know yet, my amazingly-fantabulous understudy Caroline Freedlund and the ever so talented understudy Chris Lewis will be singing “I’m Alive” and “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” at the High Museum on Oct 13th (while myself and the rest of the cast will be caged away in tech.)

I would encourage you to take the opportunity to come and support them both! They do such a killer job!

In closure, I would just like to mention that there is nothing in the world like the support and encouragement of friends. So thank you to all of you (you know who you are) who have taken the time out of your schedules to send me a text, offer a hug, make me laugh, and just in general be encouraging. I can continue to do what I love because of you!

Carey Tedder, Scott Schwartz, Jordan Craig, Boko Suzuki, (Me)
Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Now off to do some much-needed cleaning.

~Song of the Day~
(Because Liz and I are going to LEARN IT!)