Next to Neat!

Is it October??? When did this month get here? The past week of N2N rehearsal began to blur about 4:00 pm yesterday as we fought through fatigue to finish blocking “Song of Forgetting.” (Hah, how ironic.) I am pleased to say that we successfully blocked the scene by sheer force of will, and we are now continuing to move right along in act 2!

We had our first “work through” of Act 1 on Saturday- and what everyone had anticipated as a stumble through became a straight run-through of the act.  (What a testament to the talented people that I have the honor of working alongside!)

As a special aside, I must also mention that our Stage Manager (Julie), Asst. Stage Manager (Liz), and Stage Mgmt Appr. (Jayson) are TOP NOTCH.  Liz and Jayson move our scenic pieces like magical phantoms of “theatre automation,” and the whole production crew just makes our jobs as actors so easy!

Caroline and Chris rehearsing “Superboy” with pianist Andrew 🙂

Awesome Understudies: For those of you who didn’t know yet, my amazingly-fantabulous understudy Caroline Freedlund and the ever so talented understudy Chris Lewis will be singing “I’m Alive” and “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” at the High Museum on Oct 13th (while myself and the rest of the cast will be caged away in tech.)

I would encourage you to take the opportunity to come and support them both! They do such a killer job!

In closure, I would just like to mention that there is nothing in the world like the support and encouragement of friends. So thank you to all of you (you know who you are) who have taken the time out of your schedules to send me a text, offer a hug, make me laugh, and just in general be encouraging. I can continue to do what I love because of you!

Carey Tedder, Scott Schwartz, Jordan Craig, Boko Suzuki, (Me)
Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Now off to do some much-needed cleaning.

~Song of the Day~
(Because Liz and I are going to LEARN IT!)

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