“It’s gonna be good”

Sometimes I am left speechless by the people I have in my life.  This past week of Next to Normal previews has left me so completely overwhelmed with love and support that I hardly know where to begin. There is no way for me to begin to express my gratitude to the people who have already come to the show and the ones that are coming. You all fill my life with light!

Group of students from Oglethorpe University!

Really quickly (since I skipped a week) – tech week was long but well worth all the hours put into it.  The technical team at the Alliance are at the top of their game and have worked their butts off for this show. I am still floored by all the team has accomplished.

Preview week was a very new experience for me because not only did we still have rehearsal during the day, but then we performed a show at night! Talk about running a marathon.  However, my cast mates are amazing!!!  Probably some of the most important things that kept me going were the love, trust, and support of the people with which I share the stage.  I am thrilled to be moving toward opening this Wednesday when we can celebrate all of our hard work!

On a side note: I did want to post pics of all my friends that showed up for the first week of previews. (Unfortunately some of them I didn’t get pics with *tears* and that is because I am scatter brained. :/ )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

People who should be included in pics above but were not: Lauren, Alisha, Alana, Ray (and his lovely wife), Joel, Laura Lee, Chris, Andy (and his wife!), Davin, Jeffrey, Drew, Daniel, and Angela. I love you all and am so blessed to have you in my life!

Finally, one of the most unique experiences so far was the chance to chat (along with fellow cast mate Googie Uterhardt) with a group of students from Oglethorpe University after the Sunday night preview.  Those guys were awesome!

Looking forward to an amazing week. Hope to see many of you more there! Much love.


~Song of the Day~

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