Rocking in Rochester

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I have been informed by one of my avid blog readers that it is high time for a blog update…so here we go.

Next to Normal is now in Rochester, Ny at the GEVA theatre.  We opened January 12th and will run through Feb 10th.  So far our time up here has been amazing.  Remounting the show proved to be such a unique experience.  It is not often that you have the chance to take a break from a show and then come back to the same show with the same cast to remount on a different stage.  The GEVA Theatre Center is a gorgeous space! While it is smaller than the Alliance space, it lends itself to an intimacy that works really well with the content of the show. 1.21.13 152

I also had the great pleasure of having my family travel up to visit for opening night at GEVA. It was a wonderful evening with not only my parents and brother, but my grandparents! In addition to my family coming to visit, my friends Margo and Sonya came to visit. (And one more friend to come.)

While I’ve been up here, I’ve had two opportunities to participate in marketing events.  I had two radio interviews on January 9th (early in the morning) with fellow actor Cary Tedder.  I had never been on a radio program before, so I was grateful that Cary at least seemed to know what he was doing.  In addition to just recording the radio program, Cary and I were also asked to do an interpretive reading of “Goodnight Moon” which you can find HERE.

481162_10151681945763636_1756399415_nThe following week Jordan, Googie, and I went to the Central Library of Rochester for a panel discussion.  It was an interesting mixture of people who had already seen the show and those who had not.  Therefore there was a little bit of negotiating on how to answer certain questions so as not to give away any surprises.

705608_10151686266033636_2049995303_oIn closing, I must go on record to say that I personally have been FASCINATED by the snow that actually stays on the ground for more than a handful of hours. I have had great joy sledding and frolicking about in the flurries and will probably continue to do so during the rest of my stay.

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