One Year Later….

So a LOT has happened in over a year!!!

To name a few…I fell in love, got married, and worked with several incredible people in the meantime!

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This summer Lowrey and I have both been working at Camp Kid Jam (which is the same camp I worked last year), and have gotten to travel to 5 different states performing in the show we put on for the kids.  It has been a test of patience some days, and endurance during others.  I often admire the people I know that are called to work with children year-round.  And I say “called” for a reason.  Some of my closest friends not only teach, but mentor the younger generation during the school year, and to watch their dedication and passion to pour into their lives is inspiring.

I have so enjoyed this time of working with these 7-12 year olds this summer, and I look forward to teaching and working with many more for the rest of the year.   PumpBoys_smallSoon after we get back from our summer adventure however, I will begin rehearsals for Pump Boys and Dinettes at Georgia Ensemble Theatre! It’s going to be such a fun opportunity to work with some incredible people! I’ll definitely be posting more info as we jump into rehearsals!

On a SIDE note, I have been using certain essential oils for the past year and implementing them into my life, and I finally bit the bullet and became an IPC (independent product consultant) for doTerra!  So if you see certain favorite oils popping up on my blog don’t be surprised.  It has already helped me SO MUCH in my life as a performer because several of the oils are great for keeping your body in prime condition!

I’ll definitely be holding oils classes soon to educate others and also to just share some of the awesome things I’m learning!

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