This past week has been based around my 2014/25 Theatre Season goal of CONNECTING with people outside of the theatre or rehearsal hall.

Iphone 8.26.14 003It’s been a slow start, but my goal this season is to grab coffee with a friend or co-worker at least once a week because I got tired of saying, “Ya ya, let’s hang out…,” and then nothing ever happens. (As I’m sure happens to many of you too!)

I actually think it’s a common theme for people to have the desire to hang out, but life just gets away from them.  I mean, it isn’t easy having a job AND having friends.  We have to be dedicated to those friendships if we want them to grow! So that’s why I’ve made it my personal goal this year, and I can’t wait to see what friendships are in store.

So for my “dates” this week, here were my take-aways. 1. Keep pursuing your passions. 2. Enjoy the adventure even if it looks a whole lot different than you expect. 3. When you feel like you should do something, do it, even if it’s scary!

I won’t be the person that “seems too busy” anymore.  I want to be available and interruptible. And that’s just all there is to it.


A Pump Boys Promo Photo!


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Family, Frogs, and Fumes (Essential Oil fumes that is…)

The last weeks have been a whirlwind of adventure! The great Ricketson Reunion took place at Clark Hill lake house, and though it was somewhat rainy, that did not keep us from having a great time skiing, tubing, eating, and playing corn-hole!

Ricketson Reunion 2014

The following week I hosted my first doTERRA class at my apartment! It was such a fun time and everyone left smelling wonderful!  It has really been a joy this past year learning and educating myself, and I am thrilled to be able to now educate and empower other people.  *Plus Lowrey bought me a cute little diffuser to boot!!! My apartment is smelling amazing.

This past week I surprised Lowrey with a sneak away trip before we both get insanely busy again.  So we did a bit of fishing and frog watching.

Lake Adventure 8.17.14 008  Lake Adventure 8.17.14 039  Lake Adventure 8.17.14 031 Lakehouse Getaway 2014

Arrived home to a haircut and a fabulous  promotional photoshoot for Pump Boys and Dinettes! This show is going to be a blast and boy what an incredibly fun bunch of people I’m going to have the privilege of working with! We’ll be jumping in full speed ahead this coming Tuesday!!!  I’ll be sharing the promo pics as Georgia Ensemble releases them so be on the lookout for that!

Oh! And I found some new music from one of my favorite composer duos…so there’s that.

Much love,

~Song of the Day~


NEXT DOTERRA CLASS INFO: I’ll be hosting my next class September 8th at 7pm.  If you’re interested in attending please shoot me an email, PM me on FB, or leave a reply with a way to reach you! ❤