This past week has been based around my 2014/25 Theatre Season goal of CONNECTING with people outside of the theatre or rehearsal hall.

Iphone 8.26.14 003It’s been a slow start, but my goal this season is to grab coffee with a friend or co-worker at least once a week because I got tired of saying, “Ya ya, let’s hang out…,” and then nothing ever happens. (As I’m sure happens to many of you too!)

I actually think it’s a common theme for people to have the desire to hang out, but life just gets away from them.  I mean, it isn’t easy having a job AND having friends.  We have to be dedicated to those friendships if we want them to grow! So that’s why I’ve made it my personal goal this year, and I can’t wait to see what friendships are in store.

So for my “dates” this week, here were my take-aways. 1. Keep pursuing your passions. 2. Enjoy the adventure even if it looks a whole lot different than you expect. 3. When you feel like you should do something, do it, even if it’s scary!

I won’t be the person that “seems too busy” anymore.  I want to be available and interruptible. And that’s just all there is to it.


A Pump Boys Promo Photo!


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Much love,

~Song of the Day~



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