Next to November!

My amazing family

Opening night has come and gone and now we enter into November! Wait. When did this happen?  I can’t believe how much activity a single week can hold.  It’s been a unique time of celebration for all that we’ve accomplished in this show, but the work doesn’t end here.  Each show continues to grow and breathe  as each of us make new discoveries.

It was our first 8-show week and man was I feeling it Monday… (Who knew emoting could sap so much energy and be so physically demanding.)  I am fortunate though, in that I was able to take the majority of the day to just rest and eat.  Monday evening however, the entire cast had the opportunity to sing at an event at the Selig’s house. Cary and I sang “Superboy and the Invisible Girl,” Bob sang “I’ve Been,” Catherine sang “I Miss the Mountains,” and the whole cast (including understudies) sang “Finale: Light.”  It was the first time we had ALL performed together, and I just have to ask… can’t the Goodman family have a bunch of random neighbors that come and visit at the end of the show??? 🙂 It was certainly powerful.

In other news, my next project( Little Women: the Musical at Fabrefaction) has begun rehearsals and I am really excited about working with such a great group of performers. I will be playing the role of Beth – and it will be a nice change of pace and temperament from Natalie! I can finally take a break from the teen angst for a while.  It will also be the first time I am performing a show during the holiday season.

Next to Normal has been blessed to get such positive feedback from the media/press. You can see some of the reviews below:

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Atlanta INtown

As per usual I will close with a slideshow of the people who have come to celebrate this show with me.  Much love to all of you and hope to still see many more of your faces in the days to come!

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SHOUT OUT to Margo Moskowitz perhaps my most dedicated reader- and temporary roommate. This blog was written from the comfort of her apartment.

Without her I don’t think I would survive these long weeks! Love you dearly.

Until next week,

~Song of the Day~

Next to Nom noms…

The breath before the dive.  This Monday is the calm before the storm (figuratively of course.) Next to Normal had our first full run-through of the show on Friday, and then another one on Saturday.  I have to say both runs were very informative. The first one helped just to know what in the WORLD we were doing, following our blocking tracks, changing shoes, mania…. However, the run-through on Saturday for me was such a learning experience.  For the first time I was able to trust my blocking and immerse myself in the world.  I think everyone in the cast made huge discoveries that day and found so much color and depth within each of our scenes.  It was truly an encouraging experience before we jump into tech this week.

AHHH Tech! I personally LOVE tech rehearsals. I know they’re long. I know you stand around a lot. I know it’s hurry up and wait.  But man, if I don’t just love the opportunity to get to sit and marinate on a scene for a little while as people work so hard around me to make it look awesome.  I have a real respect and admiration for the people in theatre that are responsible for the technical aspects because they make my job a WHOLE lot easier! So while tech weekend does seem a bit daunting, I think it’s going to be an incredible experience.

The BIG excitement of the week though is the sitzprobe on Thursday. “Sitzprobe (German) is a term used in opera and musical theatre to describe a seated rehearsal – which is the literal translation of Sitzprobe – where the singers sing with the orchestra, focusing attention on integrating the two groups. It is often the first rehearsal where the orchestra and singers rehearse together. The equivalent Italian term is prova all’italiana.” (Thank you Wikipedia 😉 )  When working in musical theatre, you are not always guaranteed a sitzprobe, so it’s going to be an incredible opportunity!

Some other shows that I’d like to make shout outs about are:

The Devil Tree (The Collective Project)

Apples and Oranges (Alliance- Hertz Stage)

Robin Hood (Aurora)

There are more I’m sure, and if I’ve missed yours LET ME KNOW. I’m trying to make all of them that I can juggle between my own rehearsal schedule. Woot!  Speaking of shows…you should come see me in Next to Normal! And if you’re making plans to come, let me know so I can hug you after the show (or just wave at you- for my friends that don’t like hugs 😛 )

Below is a pic from the N2N potluck this past Saturday.  Our cast can cook- I’m just sayin…

Until the other side of tech weekend…

~Song of the Day~
(Been listening to the Piano Guys a lot recently- highly recommend them!)

And the “Tale” continues…

I can’t believe there are only 4 more performances of Sweeney left!  It has been such a blessing and adventure thus far, and I look forward to standing on stage with my fantastic cast for one more weekend!

Me with Bryan Mercer as "Judge Turpin"

This past weekend was full of family and more familiar faces! I once again have posted a gallery to share a few snapshots from the weekend.  There were more that came, notably some of my Berry Professors and Faculty that drove all the way down from Rome, GA to see me perform.  Since they had to leave early I was unable to get a picture with them, but they came non-the-less and that means more than anything!

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Once again, thanks to all of you BEAUTIFUL people that have come out to support me, and to those of you who have sent me well wishes and many broken legs! I love you all, and hope to see more of you at these last 4 performances!

Attend the Tale! ~Lyndsay~


~Song of the Day~

Opening Weekend of Sweeney…

Hello all!

I saw many wonderful faces at the opening weekend of Sweeney Todd and it was such a blessing to have each of you there!  While I was unable to get pictures with everyone, I wanted to post a couple of them here to give a shout out to those of you I did get to see!

(As a side note…some of the pictures I did get came out blurry…and some were too blurry to post. Grr camera…I really do need a new one.)

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Did I miss seeing you this weekend? Don’t worry, come on out this weekend! Get your tickets HERE! 

In other news: Re:Medy released it’s 4th teaser image this past Friday! Didn’t get to see it? Check it out by clicking on the image to the right!

Can’t wait to see more of your lovely faces this weekend at Sweeney! Much love to you all! ~Lyndsay~

~Song of the Day~

Death of a Camera…

This week has been especially grand! (Excpet for forgetting one of my dearest friends birthdays and my camera dying.)

For those of you who are not familiar with Berry College, there is a strange occurrance during the fall of every year. It is called Mountain Day.  A time when alumni, faculty, staff, and students alike journey back to the hills of Rome, GA for a weekend of festivities.  (Kind of a like a great migration really.)

This year I was unable to attend the majority of the weekend- as Sweeney rehearsals are in full swing- but I did make it up to hang with some of my best buds (Long live Troop 108!) on Saturday night for Marthapalooza. Don’t ask.

It was also my Daddy Sweeney’s birthday on Saturday.  So we had mini party to celebrate. (Granted it was over cake and not pie…but what can you do?) Remember to get your tickets!

Finally, after a weekend of rehearsal, fun, and activity my camera gave up the ghost.  I tried to revive it for several days, but to no avail. Farewell good friend, we’ve captured some good memories together!

Tomorrow Re:Medy will be releasing it’s first image to the public! Be sure to check out our blog: as well as our new Facebook Fan Page!

I also adopted a new little friend over the weekend…Felix GreenFinch. Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😛


~ Lyndsay ~

~Song of the Day~

(Just made sense…thanks Greg)

Suspension of Disbelief

As actors, shouldn’t we be the best at this? And yet, many times I find myself after a show overhearing an actor/patron who has nothing but critiques to give.  I ask myself, “What was your point in coming?”  And I ask all of you? Why go to the theatre? When we go to a movie, we have no problem (for the most part) fully engaging in the world of the movie, and taking the journey along with the characters, and yet when those actors are right in front of us we begin to poke and tear apart the smallest of things.

I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon this past weekend because I had the extreme privilege of attending The Renaissance Project’s show: The Boys Next Door.  Two actor’s, whom I very much look up to (one of them my coach), were performers in this show, and I sat in my seat for the respective two hours completely absorbed and engaged.  My theatre professor at Berry used to talk about the theatre as a cathartic experience, for actors and audience alike.  Well, let me tell you…I had a cathartic experience that night. I laughed and I cried as the actors held their hearts out for the audience to do with as they pleased.  It was riveting, but then you meet fellow actors after the show giving you their personal interpretations and opinions.  I can understand critiquing to an extent, but do we not go to the theatre to learn and experience?  I am not trying to say that feedback is in any way wrong, but did you not FEEL?

So my challenge to you all is this: FEEL! Take in! Experience! Learn! As actors and as human beings we should be seeking to learn for ourselves, not always trying to teach and correct others (though I myself always appreciate constructive feedback).  I just don’t want us to lose the magic that can only be found in the theatre.  There is no other medium like it.  If we are caught up in the logistics of it, I feel we are short changing ourselves.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In other news…

My amazing wonderful artist and I have finally given Re:Medy it’s new home, RemedyComic! You’re definitely not going to want to miss all the fun an exciting things we will have posting these coming week, so please be dears and subscribe!  If you’re going to be at AWA this weekend, Amanda will be there at a table with some Re:Medy goodies! That’s right…goodies!

As a final note in tribute to the amazing weekend I’ve had, my parents informed me today that they will now be back from Switzerland (yes they’re going without me!) in time for my OPENING NIGHT of Sweeney Todd! Don’t have your ticket yet? Solution.

Much love ~Lyndsay

~Song of the Day~

(I had to…the beat really just spoke to me)

Spoiled Hotdog…


This refers to the overall status of what I used to consider my dog. She could now be more considered a “creature” with her interesting new behavioral patterns.  Some of you were aware that she was on death’s door only a few weeks ago, so I’m glad to officially announce she is completely recovered…albeit worthless.  She now demands to be carried everywhere, and to be given a bite of anything you might be eating.  At night, I am to let her lay in her chair for a couple of hours before gently tucking her into bed…like I said worthless.  Don’t even get me started about the repercussions should I not adhere to her commands.

At the end of the day however, I would much rather her be back to her annoying self, though ten times more needy. (I doubt any of your pets are as spoiled/ ruined as mine now….)  Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and encouragement!


  • RIFF (Rome International Film Festival) Went smashingly. I was able to meet many producers, directors, AD’s, and more at this past weekend’s event.  There really are some great films being made here in Georgia, and if you haven’t seen any let me know and I’ll make sure that you do! Der Greis had a great turn out of familiar faces and I’m grateful to every one of you that showed up!
  • Got my two new songs back from the studio and hope to have one of them up on Tuesday so stay tuned!
  • Sweeney Todd rehearsals start TONIGHT! Many of you have been asking about ticket info etc. I hope to have all of that information explained to me tonight. As always, thank you all for your love and support. I couldn’t do what I’m doing without each of you.

If you’ve seen any cool new indie films out there send them my way! Let’s keep Georgia’s film industry on the rise!


~Song of the Day~

The Turkey’s in Life

I’m sure many of you have run into the people that are just overall emotionally manipulative. They try harder than anyone to make you feel that if they are NOT happy then you certainly won’t be. I’ve been around a few of those types here recently, and it was really beginning to drive me into a corner.

Thankfully, (as what usually happens), I talked to a mentor of mine whom I really respect.  He offered me a great piece of advice.  He reminded me that emotional manipulators only have control over you if you allow them to have it.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Thank you Eleanor Roosevelt!)

So to those of you who may be feeling a bit out of sorts or overburdened by the expectations of others, I will now share a phrase with you that my mentor shared with me in closing:

“How can you soar with the eagles if you let the turkeys get you down?”

So don’t let the turkeys get you down- unless, of course, it’s Thanksgiving and nap time! 😉 Love to all of my eagles out there!

Soar on!

~Song of the day~