Suspension of Disbelief

As actors, shouldn’t we be the best at this? And yet, many times I find myself after a show overhearing an actor/patron who has nothing but critiques to give.  I ask myself, “What was your point in coming?”  And I ask all of you? Why go to the theatre? When we go to a movie, we have no problem (for the most part) fully engaging in the world of the movie, and taking the journey along with the characters, and yet when those actors are right in front of us we begin to poke and tear apart the smallest of things.

I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon this past weekend because I had the extreme privilege of attending The Renaissance Project’s show: The Boys Next Door.  Two actor’s, whom I very much look up to (one of them my coach), were performers in this show, and I sat in my seat for the respective two hours completely absorbed and engaged.  My theatre professor at Berry used to talk about the theatre as a cathartic experience, for actors and audience alike.  Well, let me tell you…I had a cathartic experience that night. I laughed and I cried as the actors held their hearts out for the audience to do with as they pleased.  It was riveting, but then you meet fellow actors after the show giving you their personal interpretations and opinions.  I can understand critiquing to an extent, but do we not go to the theatre to learn and experience?  I am not trying to say that feedback is in any way wrong, but did you not FEEL?

So my challenge to you all is this: FEEL! Take in! Experience! Learn! As actors and as human beings we should be seeking to learn for ourselves, not always trying to teach and correct others (though I myself always appreciate constructive feedback).  I just don’t want us to lose the magic that can only be found in the theatre.  There is no other medium like it.  If we are caught up in the logistics of it, I feel we are short changing ourselves.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In other news…

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As a final note in tribute to the amazing weekend I’ve had, my parents informed me today that they will now be back from Switzerland (yes they’re going without me!) in time for my OPENING NIGHT of Sweeney Todd! Don’t have your ticket yet? Solution.

Much love ~Lyndsay

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