Firsts, Favorites, and Friends

Alrighty, if you’re here for the pictures I have them all posted in a slideshow at the bottom of the page. So many of my friends and family were able to come see me in Next to Normal, and I am overwhelmed by their love and support.

I’ve reflected on these past months of Next to Normal and have come up with a list of “Firsts” and “Favorites” to summarize my experience in the show.

Next to Normal was the FIRST time I:

  • had my own dressing room
  • had green hair (even if they were clip-ins)
  • smoked “pot” (or count chocula) out of an apple
  • shot the bird at my “parents”
  • had an 8 and 9 show week
  • earned stars for picking up props on set
  • pretended to play piano on stage (and sounded really good! Thanks Boko!)
  • walked through a moving door
  • rode a trap on a toilet
  • gave an interview

 FAVORITE Next to Normal moments:

  • that time whole cast (including understudies) sang the finale together
  • that time I ran headfirst into my bedroom door
  • that time Jayson made Jordan and me “break” during “You don’t know”
  • that time I threw the lighter off the 2nd story
  • that time Jayson and I played air guitar (every. night.)
  • that time Liz and I danced off stage left (during Wish I Were Here)
  • that time the pit crew was all wearing mustaches
  • that time Cary hugged me on the landing when mom and dad were fighting
  • that time the porcelain clown on my shelf was eating a lollipop
  • that time Jordan’s glasses went flying over my head
  • when Diana flung bologna in the opening scene
  • when Cary (Gabe) tried to interact with us in “Gonna Be Good”
  • when Googie (Dr. Fine) said “Triangle”
  • when Catherine (Diana) and I had our dance break backstage
  • when Catherine (Diana) grabs me in “Maybe”
  • when I see Jordan (Henry) in “Hey 3”
  • when Bob (Dan) and I hug in “Finale/Light”
  • when the cast gathered again in a circle closing night for a toast

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I am so overwhelmed to have roughly 85+ people who came to see me in Next to Normal, and well over a hundred if you include the people who also share friendships with Jordan and Googie.  Thank you all SO MUCH for you love, encouragement, and support of this show.  It has been a great chapter of my life here in Atlanta, and I look forward to its continuing in Rochester, NY come 2013!

~Song of the Day~
(In honor of my Mozart piece)